Passive permission

Do what you want with a rapist

hit up the charts with this great jam

selling to the world a double meaning

Gaga and R Kelly do you feel me?

She’s just an artist don’t feel bad

that the music video depicts rape and

Gaga will say;

Do what you want with my body


No invitations, it’s a private party


You don’t own my life

well that’s great but doesn’t make it right.

You think you’re an artist

but your metaphorical prowess

is several scripts past has been

when the visuals depict

exactly what the words said.

Make millions off that sad shit

promote rape and confusion

all cause your the new king?

Everything is for me!

Then again let’s all sing;

Til it happens to you

Ohh yeah it’s true

but it can’t undo what exploits the truth

no messiah no Judas or even a bard

just a shameless puppet

with an ego too large

she’ll make millions while you barely live

she’ll make hits by exploiting your skin.



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