Glass ceilings

Calling out the hypocrites
apparently the biggest sin
much bigger then the act as is
just another bigot man.
We throw fire at the truth
burn it until we undo the ties
that bound it
to the light
burn it’s ashes into night.
Nothing worse than calling liars out
for all the words they hire
to exploit the poor and loyal
make your pain their career and wealth.
We keep singing to the tune of-
give me something-
anything will do and
I will eat the shit I shat
just to please the fools-
what the fuck is that?
A kingdom filled with shit fed twats.
have we all been lost?
Why do we protect the hypocrites?
Because hypocrite to me
is spelled
which shouldn’t be a bad thing
unless it’s filthy and unclean
a hypocrites a tragedy
a sad excuse for a human being
why attack the ones
not kneeling?
Just to get your fix of
PC knights protect glass ceilings.

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