A day without a womyn

You wanna know how to plan a boycott?

You just boycott.

Don’t shop.

Call off work.

Take the shot. If you get fired you’ll do so happily-at least that’s how it used to be.

No one’s how they use to be
we don’t know the price of free-
privileged, ignorant, children of fiends.

This world is made up of steroid sheep
hiding under wolves clothing,
scared into silence, into yells-
screaming until their voices have failed.

You clearly don’t know how to boycott.

All these words without forethought.

Where’s the impact of this protest?

Call off work, or just support it. Don’t skip class or do, the choice is up to you.

Don’t actually boycott stores or ask that they close their doors-they have bills and dreams of course.

Who the fuck thought this was brilliant?

Oh yeah a killer convict!
Who lied to the government
is leading the Womyn’s movement
a day with no real truth, eh?

You wanna know how to boycott?

You actually have to boycott, no money, no work, no big talk.

Just actions and prices and consequences-if you stand together with one single message
but none of these females are integrating
bitch eat bitch
just constant hating.

You think that women stand together?
Come on ladies you know a lot better-always competing with one another
this forced unity
just bullshit uncovered.

You wanna know how to boycott?
Don’t follow ignorance and forced thought.
Don’t splinter out the center
for this big endeavour
you must come together.
Don’t forget the focus
if you truly own this you’ll bleed just to sow it
liberty devoted
justice frees the soul if
you actually work towards it.


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