Vanity fare

Ooh Emma Watson
all grown up
caught with
the label of hypocrite
all because you showed some tit.
Make grand speeches but don’t know shit
about how the real world’s buying your bit.
You see the great thing about feminism
is that it’s a tool for domination!
You think the world got double-speak from the guys who brought you UFC?
Breaking the binary doesn’t do dick
when you reverse the roles receiving whips
lashes to lashes
dust to dust
everyone’s special-that means us!
Its not a choice when it’s right or wrong
black or white
no grey or mauve-
he for she is all a fraud.
Emma Watson shows her cards
just another girlhood scarred
demanding Belle bring womanhood while balancing out that double speak good.
Sexualizing yourself-
pretend it’s not for wealth-
you should know that clothes they bring
a greater part of dignity
self respect and confidence
but everything you’ve said and did
all the hope you have spread
all the trails to begin to age and then
your breast came out to bat and win!
You’re now on the top of age
you have now matured on stage
all it took was one small choice
show your breasts-
the world rejoice!
You say feminism is about choice
so why did you choose to sexualize your voice?
Once there was Hermione
now there’s just two tits, see?
You’re just another body
because you chose to outgrow

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