American cunt

Let’s talk about sex
let’s talk about touching flesh
let’s talk about all the things you might regret.
Let’s talk about-let’s talk about-let’s dance about the subject.
Let’s lie about what your willing to do-
say society forced you too-
say you just wanted to be loved-
say you thought in the moment it’d be fun?

Touched it, licked it, let it in
you just thought it was what you wanted.
You just thought it’d stop the talking.
You just thought it’s what they wanted.
Let’s talk about-
don’t say it too loud!
but let’s talk about-
let’s just do it now!
but let’s-hey don’t grab my dick!
Don’t call me-of course I want it!

Let’s talk about consent
you just grabbed his dick?
was he just pretending to like it?
did you even think he might not want sex?

Let’s talk about sex
let’s talk about consent
let’s talk about-let’s talk about-stop playing down!
Let’s talk about taking responsibility in knowing yourself.
Let’s talk the conversation until we’re blue in the mouth.

Let’s talk about sex
it’s not that complicated!
Let’s talk about sex
if you can’t you shouldn’t have it.
Let’s talk about sex-
so can we have this conversation?


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