Hey Demi

Talk about mental illness
while you laughin’ makin’ millions
don’t play at being business-
just a product of the system.
Just another know it all
tell your story, bathe in glory.
Bipolar with a bank account
much different then disabled and out.
You still working double time?
I’m just kidding
you haven’t worked in your whole life
Barney and friends then Disney channel
actors work but it don’t hold a candle
to pushing that paper
and makin’ them pennies
I’d be better off if my symptoms didn’t prevent me!
Living with this madness
has taken fuckin’ everything-
and I’m not just talking about
Can’t work with this broken mind
lost my dignity, lost my time.
Can’t get treatment-still standing in line.
You may know the pain but you’ve got the money to get by-
try living with mental illness
when your symptoms keep you
from providing for your life.
Suicide much sweeter
when you can’t afford the pills
the highs and lows not treated
bringing trauma at the heels
you got sent to rehab
the rest get sent to jail.
I used to be a social worker
now unemployed and ill.
Fight the fucking stigma?
How ’bout paying my bills.


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