Kill the Barbie business

Looking for an easy out
we’re all cowards-
can’t climb down!
Pushed ourselves right to the top
now we’re stuck-
we can’t jump off!
Lost in all this self-aggrandizement
we forgot just how to let live.
All this peace and love is bullshit
everybody’s just gone and used it-
payday for the rich and famous
they get green while you run to payless.
Chris Brown’s still selling ‘music’ with
Nicki Minaj playing stupid
you for the broads but you still choose him? Think lil’ Wayne’s got the new shit? You know you’re just a pop bitch.
Chris Brown’s still selling music!?
This mother fucker should be shot-
no excuses.
He abuses other humans, but the truth is
nobody gives a fuck because they groovin’-
like they goin’ con up God and get in right quick?
We’re all a bunch of cowards
letting Drake pretend he’s hard-
all for Rihanna but he okay raisin’ bottles to the stars?
Only-this degrassi proper has no integrity
a couple bills to buy him
making monkeys out of thieves.

Yet no one’s really listening,
that’s why they tell you the devil had wings-
his hubris his undoing
and here we are like fallen stars
a dystopia of burnt up cars
every broken iPod screaming-stop!
but still we pretend like nothing’s wrong
thankful for the shit humanity we got.
Be thankful for the wolves instead
they speak the truth-they’ll swallow your head.
An honest liars worth more than you
if you cannot reap what you can’t undo.
All this peace and love is bullshit
if you don’t know how to use it
never should these gifts be given
just so you can redo your second kitchen.
Remy ma is the real shit-
a coward plays for two bits
humanity take notice.


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