Everybody’s special

So we stand
alone in hand
the majority under thumb.
Bigots we cry
they’re stealing our rights
though nothing is being taken away.
You’ve got a plus
and yet we can’t rest
because the desires of a few trump the whole.
Yes your distressed
uncomfortable at best, but the world is not a safe zone.
Acceptance is forced
and so we ignore
that the few are traumatizing the more
but that’s okay the rich get paid
off exploiting the needs of the poor.
They’ll sing you songs
take you to prom
and you’ll keep crying alone.
So we stand
divided and mad
crazed by the gods we created.
Gilded and sold-
you are alone.
A snowflake in summer is dead.
So we stand
watching it burn
made the world special
now it won’t turn.

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