Don’t read the news

There’s a simple thing I see
persevered by ignorant society.
Truth it comes-not readily.
The news forgot what it’s suppose to be-ethics be damned quite hastily.

When the reasonable man in the room
is a Brit with a Madonna feud!
Piers Morgan speaking the truth
rational and calm to boot?

Fuck, America what are we going to do?
Let the rich stir the pot?
Have the rest of us forgot?
That the rich just want to get richer.

Care about you?
Oh, what do they do?
Besides protect child molesters.

Roman Polanski still fucking walks free-
but that’s for another installment.

Woody Allen’s our man here,
let’s make this damn clear-
he’s married to a victim.
He masterly conditioned
a child to a woman
through decades of abusive behaviors.
Yet Kristen Stewart will say, to Ronan’s dismay, shits been said about everybody.
Persecuted for his art
at least we got off
on the premise that we know nobody.

Still hope is real Lena Dunham has feels!
and admonishes his pedophilic behaviors.
Yet, don’t forget she made quite the check
off biting his rhymes on her own.
Touching herself while her sisters knocked out?
Let’s not pretend that’s normal-
Ooh yes I know
Grace said it’s not so
and thus we ignore the admission
because it’s just fine for a teen to unwind next to a ‘sleeping’ victim.

But America what do I know?

I’m sure Lena has a good soul
she’s just a fucked up millennial
the voice of a proud generation
who sports pro-ana tips for the nations!
Baby food to stave off starvation
this girls got the proper education-
who wants an abortion vacation
playing delusional to escape debt
but she’ll educate the neediest
white savior for the greediest.

But hey at least we still got Halsey
no, seriously, that girls amazin’
dropped a hundred k no baitin’-
so insanely real-no hatred.
A real artist is rare these days
even if the whole world stands
in praise
no one seems to have any sense anyway.

The truth doesn’t mean shit to the crowd
even with evidence abound
we’re controlled by fear
and the sound
of the rich saving the poor from


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