Magnificent Facsimile

Parody of Perfect Illusion by lady gaga

Tryin’ to keep control
this story is takin’ it’s toll
stuck in the lies that I’ve told
I just wanted to be gold.
My guessing game is fraud
way to real to be bought
(or so I thought)
caught in my own bullshit
yeah, I thought this song was
about him.

It wasn’t art, it wasn’t art
it was a perfect illusion (immaculate delusion)
mistaken for art, it wasn’t art
it was an impressive allusion (repressive inclusion)
I am a useless solution

I don’t need you to tell me
I’ve got my eyes on the tv
they see me as a hype queen
maybe it’s just a bad dream
that’s who I am, fuck.
I still feel alone
these checks my own tome

(Where am I now?
have I been found out?)
it was an angelic extrusion
(but I know they’re watching me
muted, overcome with me
time to reinvent this fantasy)

(Who am I?
cause I’ll play her too)
it was a suspect collusion
(but I feel them watching me
and I fear them forgetting me)
(but I feel the need to scream)
Metallica’s a start?

(Who am I?
just empty inside)
mistaken for art
(foolish, overcome with me
time to reinvent this fantasy)
this isn’t art
(reinvent this fantasy
exploit lower class society) 

I am a joke
yeah, deep down I know it.

It wasn’t smart, it wasn’t art
it’s all a fucking reduction (corrupt function)
mistaken for clever, it wasn’t clever
It’s all a product of confusion (item-mass produced bitch)


You are a strict abusion


a tragic conclusion
you are a product of fusion
a pop star mutant
It’s all someone else’s truth eh? (pollution) (say it again)
I am an immaculate abusion
a flawed product of misuse and the truth is
I am, I am, I am not an artist.



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