10,000 shameless pr stunts

Dance, dance, dance to the rhythm
keep dancin’ ’til you get that feeling
free love, good will, all chillin’
’til a bitch gets an itch in her vision.

Dance, dance, dance like you got that feelin’
like you got that heart to be feelin’
like you got that-got that
certain little somethin’ we be needin’-
from that ivory tower that you breathe in. 

Every body wants to be a savior-
no work just glam
all paper.
Crocodile tears turn to vapor
vomit in her soul with no grace left.
She’s wide awake-recently woke again-
but sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothin’.

Bitter and dumb ’til the very end

reuse the same joke then do it again!

And again.

All because Christian music shot you out the other end?

Couldn’t make a dime off Christ-

pretended to kiss a girl instead?

You’re so gay a clever insult?

Katy Perry gets paid to talk the talk.

Dance with the devil-
I think this witch forgot.



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