Keep it hidden-never more!

The ravens claw

death moth spores

rip her apart! Don’t ignore

this child’s a curse-broken and torn!

Keep it hidden, keep her back!

Break that bitch until she can’t come back!

Siphon the gifts, take the treasure

tether her tortures keep them forever!

Never forget she’s a gift from the whore, a broken down woman looking to score. God took her name and gave her a number called upon the child, knowing,

she’d smile no longer.

Keeping her close under His measure charmed, but a ghost

a girl with no name.

Keep it hidden, keep it safe, don’t let the mad one get in the way!

The child’s just a tool

a fucking mistake

the girls just an object a means to an ends-made for our salvation stigmata from the start. Keep her from the mirrors, keep it hidden in the dark, kill the hoards of seers

they’ll call her back again

we want her half way breathing

breed our vision from the dead.

(27 July 2016)


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