Living in stills

Wide awake still dreaming

locked inside I’m screaming

plastered walls misleading

come undone


Casket skies, fallen eyes, clouds

that drown one deeper

drink the words know the lines

speak the sound once weaker

cover one’s ears

hide your face

follow us down to hell.

Kaleidoscope dreams, carnival themes,

clowns that hide the stupor-

drink the gin, smoke the kid

balloons that keep you tethered-

gold on wrist, knives and whips

dreams that give the sinner.

Handcuffs that bleed

blessings to thieves

gifts that do deliver.

Drink what they got- damn, you’re cut off!

Words make no sense, it’s all consequence, a mess that makes up the night.

Drown who you found, the source, kill it now! Snuff the flame out!

And be done

lie to no one

your voice in a song

muted and numb

don’t belong. Locked in a dream

forever to scream dying unseen

lost inside.


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