keep her

Looking for the mirror

cast the picture clearer-

for a chance to see her,

for the chance-believe her!

Looking for the mirror

the image not my visage

a monster just fictitious

a nightmare in the strictest.

Looking for the mirror

the Beast projects-no seer

just protects the child,

keep her from the shadows

who’d defeat her.

Preying on the weak like parasites

bleeding out a child til she dies

fighting for reasons to remain alive-

reaching for the power of design.

The keeper of the mirrors is divine

the ultimate visage, Hel’s defined,

meeting you from the other side.

Looking for the mirrors

the reflection all but nearer

still not my own a detour

the holy grail a herring-red with laughter-devouring.

Always looking round, not finding, a journey so profound-

all timing. Rhythms out of bounds

just Sirens singing to deaf ears-wanted silence. No more hunting mirrors searching for the source

find the kingdom maker

an image always forced.

Drink the undertaker the image

is a noise. Search for the seer, live beyond the mirrors in the chaos-they keep her.


(26 July 2016)



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