glass casket

Took the lessons from the hags

witches from beyond wastelands

came to me in my dreams

red eyed rabbit thick as thieves.

Brought me from where I have been, a world of dull mundane vain-ness. Broken mirrors, broken soul-the rabbit shows you where to go.

Free you from what might have been, match you with the conduit. Search for answers,

search for hope,

never having reaped the love you’ve sown

tattered and battered, lost and alone

favored by many then hung by a rope. Strung out in silver

gilded in gold-this glass coffin hell is a luxury home. Mad houses, gowns, and needles with fluids. Liquid cure-alls, elixirs to be heard!

Screaming alone inside your head, this world not your own-no hospital beds!

Return what you know, return on your own, choosing to be sold-once again.

Broken, but powerful, nothing but bountiful a girl who took off your head.


(27 July 2016)



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