Take me down

Take me down to the river

break me down at the knees,

tear my heart wide open-feast

on glory begotten by thieves.

Taste all the sweeter

the more that you eat her-

the pit in my chest

all the same.

I’ll keep on hiding remember

I’m trying while you live beside

the dead.

A zombie of triumph

the love undenied trust

a mirror of joy through the pain.

This girls a riot

a poison-on fire

a pariah whose forgotten her head.

Kill them with kindness?

Perform for your highness?

A queen whose forgotten her bed.

I’ll dine on my blood

forget that I sold up

my demons for pills and this smile.

I’ll stand before you

gapping heart implore you

this hole is just bleeding on your floor.

I’ll keep believing as long as your breathing rip me apart-I want more!

Look at me I’m screaming-someday you’ll need me!

I’m writhing inside on the shore,

inside my head I find a half dozen mines

a world too confine-

yes, yes, I’m fine.

Pretty true lies in time allies

a smile that whispers alright.

Pain washes back keeping it trapt the monsters beneath the waves. In time you’ll see feasting on seams

only keeps you so long in a seed. Changing of tides-someday I’ll die

paint another perfect melody.


(22 July 2016)



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