christmas angel

Behind the glass I witness-

the dying of the light

a ward of iron madness,

a keeper chained by sight.

Look beyond the stars, hear the

voices of the gods-surrender to the mob. Ever lasting.

Behind the glass it frost, fogging all but lost

for all the years forgot,

watching this world rot.

Violence is a game-

crying out in shame

I would keep you safe, but I’ve been turned away.

Behind this glass I watch

knowing all along

the angel in deaths clothing

takes the demon from it’s cross.

I’m an ornament, a starlight bathed in sin-the world my oxygen

as I dance for you again.

Behind the glass I see

everything you breed;

the hate, the love, the hollow pieces

representing peace.

I could lead you to mercy, wash away your sin wear it on my flesh

give freedom from within. Yet

you’ve placed me on a mantel

like an angel atop a tree

a gift for sheer amusement

making prophecy for thieves.


(22 June 2016)



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