All that’s left

I am little, I am big-build the

curse that lives within.

A breath of Sun, a right as rain-

they will consider all they’ve paid.

Never knowing what will come

reading never showed the sum

spirits raving over dreams

life caught up or so it would seem.

Bury bones beneath your skin

the sum of your parts

the beast and sin,

ever the beauty the devil’s within-

brighten the surface-let it begin!

Worship the master, the child,

the kid. Lamb of the fallen-

a true God sets in-

daughter of harem, a

whore free from sin

triumphed the darkness, lead the witch to fight again.

Bury the hatchet

as I drown and scream

my flesh just a canvas

a holder of seed.

Basket of lovers, souls and of fiends

living a burden of setting you free.

I am no prophet, no saint, nor angel trail by error, fire and stone.

Bleed me ’til Heaven calls out my name

drags me to hell where I am too stay

eating your sins ’til judgement day.

I am your keeper, your burden, your safe.


(8 July 2012)



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