Reality doesn’t want me

the devil still he haunts me

and all the while I go mad.

A raven haired woman with bones

of ash

blood of glass-

this is all I have!

Memoirs and poppycock,

pitchforks and apricots,

my heart a metal piece

rusted death defeated.

Kick me down-I need it.

Forfeit love-conceited.

This is my soul-unfree it.

I took it all-

didn’t mean it.

Take it all back-

I’ll leave it.

This is my luck; mistreated,

broken and numb-left bleeding.

I have no home-don’t need it.

Reality not my own-so be it.

My body is on loan-just leased it.

The angels say “not long

you are needed” I will never run

just weaken.



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