out of faith

And I am your savior

I bare your cross

take on your burden

no matter the cost.

A servant upheld as

a Goddess in chains

take out my heart

bury my veins

praise me then beat me

forgotten my name.

A wasted piece of divinity

a life built in shame

my gifts merely parlor tricks

unless they bring you fame.

Drink my blood for mercy

take my eyes for grace

listen to my words but

only when they pay.

For when you disagree

punish me without compassion

make me cry, make me scream

bruise your worthless Goddess

bring her to her knees.

Never once suspecting

she could make you king

my gift a promise from

the One you deem Supreme,

all I would have asked

is freedom from this place

instead I’m rooted in this hell

growing demons out of faith.


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