in the night

Come to me,

break down the walls to save

this broken tattered thing.

Come to me

covered in old scars and others blood-dried to compliment skin deep.

Come to me,

hide your truth and smile.

Come to me

bitter old queen of guile

for I love games and plays,

riddles and tricks-

my methods prick a spindles gift.

Come to me

and join the dance my masquerade

prepared at last!

All these nightmares come to past

burning all, both;

bone and mask.

Come to me

feast tonight

and I will rid you of your fright,

there has never been a need

but here we sit while she bleeds.

Oh, ugly, beautiful, fiend

monster lost in playing queen

tragic what’s be done to she.

Still, we are, and so it be.

I will see the death of her

for each and every spoken word.

Come to save me,

come to see,

a monster pretending to be queen

thinking all the while of besting me

oh the folly in which you dream

has led you to your death it seems.



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