come complete

Shaking limbs and boiling bile

my gut trembles-suicidal.

Give the pills and pins away

hush the sound

don’t let them stay.

Solidify, recreate, what comes from blood they punish these days!

Yet these ashes are here to stay nothing comes from nothing


Every word, every word, no one understands a single verb

mind is gone the Beast has won,

I’m still not sure this game is done.

Kill the fire in her eyes

take her blood the taste divine

I’m the voice behind the light

get the door the demons alive.

Stomach twisting, turning spin

read the fate that is within

kill the martyr she is sin

kill the Mirror before she wins!

Stomach churning, shaking limbs, boiling bile my dreams are dead.

Goodbye to who I might have been. Puzzle pieces that never fit

a life of which I must submit

give away my stones and lyre

take this hearth my souls a liar.

Kill me now

I must confess I’d give my life

for much less

come to me as we once did.

Come to me as when my youth was spent

forgive me Father for this life I’ve lived.



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