last meal.

Rage soothes the sorrow

with dreams of tomorrow

a new dawn greeted in blood.

Flowers of Algernon,

free kill to Babylon

the Beasts is soaking in blood.

Slow-pain and suffering, fresh flesh and offal feast

everything still fresh for the fill-beating and bleeding

keep that bitch breathing!

We’ll see her beg for mercy first!

Cut to the bone you’ll see,

keep that wench anchor her feet!

Drag you through hell and weep

only to soothe fired meat-muscle crisp and sweet,

watch you squirm, you never learn,

chew chard flesh-fully earned.

Dragged you through hell we know you so well,

you’ll die before you own what you did!

Don’t you understand she was just a kid!

A girl the Beast would maintain.

Rage soothes the sorrow

we’ll live through tomorrow

drown them in blood bathes and flames.

You’ll see the fire mother of liars our gift to you slow cooks in shame.



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