I don’t know.

I don’t know

I’m crazy

maybe, maybe I’m just lazy.

Why don’t you punish me baby?

Throw me down, save me,

tear me up, blame me.

I know, I know, I’m crazy

certifiable excuse to be shameless

dirty, filth, nameless

run the streets naked.

Howling at the moon faithless

medicated goon paraded, berated for baggage and brawn

vagrants without a home-face it.

This is the sum-tasted.

Broken, and numb-wasted.

I know, I know I’m crazy

delusional and hasty


Save me!

blind and dumb- this isn’t fun.

Rip me apart take the heart

leave me hallow.

Forget tomorrow.

Punish me baby for being lazy

a victim of rotten, but mostly forgotten

motivation on the floor.

Who really bothers

for a loon with her problems

a witch who has broken good form.

I don’t know I’m crazy

there’s no one to save me.

Just keep being hazy,

slit wrist, maybe?

True to form raving

madness I’ll keep saying

just me being lazy.

At least that’s how it’s sold.



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