Inside it’s dying that Snow White incarnate, it’s lying on the floor, crying

Oh God it’s writhing!

Red as an apple,

Blue as her cheeks,

Choking her out wouldn’t that be neat?

Bloody fist and broken skull vengeance sought might soon be won.

Undead princess zombie lead

Evil deeds repaid what’s been done to she;

play this game oh Lord it’s sick!

Ribbons soaked in envy, vomit, and spit.

Lacy dresses, nylon calve heaven, pretty dead girls in mommies best linen, drenched in her best cheap bought perfume.

A reminder of who she owes what too.

Strangle the killer; show that hateful bitch what she’s good for!

No, no, be the good girl.

Dead but still walking more time without breathing. Loose weight without eating.

Keep putting up with the beatings,

won’t let you go-misleading.

Gives you false hope-still bleeding.

Bred to be numb-just kneeling.

Keep in your place no speaking.

Ill-gotten child no weeping.

This is my right-hand I’m taking

whatever you got-dead weakling.

She ripped out her heart-still beating.

Rotting inside-still feeling.

Angry and numb.

Just kill me.



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