Mina, Mina, broken doll you just can’t hear a damn thing at all,
you pretend you’re valiant, gallant, and true, but in the end my dear Mina
you are as thick as stew. The sad little truth is there is nothing but broth
thick muddy water with no substance at all.

Mina, Mina, pretend to be brave, you may be in the thick of another
grand mistake, but here are your pills and a razor as a sword.
attack to kill, the mirror can’t hurt you anymore.

Oh Mina, sweet Mina, you’ve fallen again your morphine can’t save you
when you let him in. Deciding to sell yourself for another dime bag
no Mina, oh Mina, you’ve done it again
laid down, spread eagle, you don’t care what filthy flesh you have next.

Oh Mina, sweet Mina, you were left by the one, the only man you ever loved
but you did him oh-so wrong. Mina, now you know you aren’t as brave as you thought,
but don’t listen to the truth, I’m sure you’ll have another shot!

Oh Mina, dear Mina, what have you done, thought yourself noble, so noble, but found
out that you were wrong. Don’t listen to the truth, don’t look into the magic mirror
for the hell that’s inside you never has to be real. Keep pretending, keep lying, keep sucking
down those pills for Mina, sweet Mina you’ve not enough strength to deal.
Keep fighting, keep playing at being the warrior oh Mina, sweet Mina you can’t hide it anymore.
For the one that you covet has found someone new; a raven mad woman with more substance
than stew.

Oh! Please Mina don’t compare too closely, oh Mina let’s not think of her as a trophy.
Her hair may be raven, her lips may be ruby, her skin may be porcelain, yes it might seem she’s a true beauty. Alas my dear Mina there is still some hope, take the pills and the razor, maybe some rope.

Oh Mina, dear Mina, don’t fall just quite yet, the raven mad woman has not begun to forget.
She’s watching, she’s stalking, she’s preying on flesh. Oh Mina, sweet Mina, don’t you ever forget.
This woman is crazed with only one thing in her sights, the feathered head Mina that doesn’t know wrong from right. Oh Mina here we have it, we’re in a corner now, Snow white’s found her huntsman lost in your clouds. She saved the one you covet with her seven little men, all atop horses reigning revelations on your head.

Mina, Mina, you poor broken thing Snow white’s got the better of you so it seems. You thought at one time that you could outwit her, but as you attempt you know you’re just growing bitter.
Wilhelmina, please remember your true station in life. Not a warrior, a woman or even a wife
just a sad little doll sitting on the shelf. A sad little trinket Snow keeps for herself,
Mina bloody Mina, can you not see you never were a princess just owned by the Queen.

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