Not Alice.

Alice, oh Alice, look at you now

fell down the rabbit hole trying to be profound.

Thought yourself a child, but grew into a hag,

old woman throwing bones the best bruja you’ve ever had?

The question is an odd one since you don’t comprehend,

You’re nothing more but manic shaking dust out of your pretty little head.

Don’t try to be a master this bruja has you matched, your nothing but a

caster, without anything to cast. No hook or line or sinker, just playing with

broken glass, oh Alice, old Alice, your mad, but not from sewing hats.

The rabbits never linger, and the queen barely even chants

your head is unimportant this pike can stand without your mass.

Don’t forget the Hatter, the tears, and all the flowers

you will not be missed dear imposter; Alice of the cowards.

The ladies are not waiting, and no swine will bring you back,

you lost your way again but there is no Cheshire cat.

No one really cares just how you get it back, the way was lost

on your accord

the door is shut forever more, you may be here in Wonderland,

but we don’t need you anymore.

Alice, oh Alice, you have been replaced by a new young lady

with a porcelain face. Don’t cry, don’t try, just let it go

for Alice, oh, Alice, it’s time for you to go back home


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