Honey, get gone.

So here we are it seems
you’re following all my social media feeds
you’ve got a tally of where I’ve been
you’ve seen my pictures from way back when.
Surely you must think you’re right
to stalk me during the day, your night,
and keep an album of my life,
but honey someone must have told you
you’ve lost sight.
This battle that you’re waging is unhinged
you think you’ve got a leg to stand on
but that’s just it,
you’re sitting with all your material shit
thinking of how you could get back in.
That’s the thing, you let him go, it doesn’t
matter that you’ve a devastated soul.
You want to play, and stalk, and scheme,
but honey believe me this isn’t a thing.
So here we are again it seems
you’ve latched on to something but
don’t know what it means
I’ll spell it out I’m two moves ahead
I know you honey and I’ll put you to bed.
Tuck you in tight so you know where you’ve been
this game that you’ve started I’ll finish in red
and believe me I’ll stand tall until the end
but before we get there let me say this instead;
let it go honey just let it be dead
he’s far better off with me in his bed
so honey let’s end this here and now
back the fuck off and just get on no one really cares how.
just get gone.


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