Systematic Happiness.

Systematic carnivals

with lusty dust galore!

With worlds of cotton candy

mud stains upon the floor.

We sit, we talk, we laugh a lot

but never go anywhere

in a world of feather dust

and crust; pie filling everywhere!

We just don’t get the reality

the life outside our tent

for clowns we are a bunch of fools

our whips are discontent.

Restless enemies of all mundane

that float above the mirth.

Systematic reprisal

of a land with nothing worth.

Oh we sit red nosed and talking

laughing horrid but not walking

moving slow but always in place

amongst the ring of salt brigade!

Chew the fat and eat it

cross the road defeated

drown the cat

and lose the rat

go all about forsaking!

Systematic carnivals

with fools in withered paint

like animals

we trust the tools

and never do we mourn

for reality is nothing but

a dream upon a cloud

like acid rain, like mucker vain

we are not laughing now.

(29 July 2013)

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