Not a love story.

This isn’t a love story,

but close enough.

My heart is on fire

with longing and touch.


This isn’t my idea of a perfect Friday night

a long quick swipe, blood flow just right

like wine from a bottle I’m floating on seas

with witless misdirection I’m colored with ease.

Oh solemn protest of a brain gone bitter

sweet water I drink I’ll keep singing thinner!


This isn’t my idea of a healthy life

a long deep sigh with a cut and a vine

dancing, glittering, under my eyes.

I’m alive!

My bodies burning. Flames subside

I’m always yearning

for a ride, a tide, a catch of moonlight.


This isn’t my idea of wonderful Sunday

a beer bottle empty another on the way

let’s drink these pills down and have another round

like a shot to the mouth so smooth going down.

Oh my heart aches building with tears

my lover so lost ending my fears

but back to the start on another cold night

I’ve got the passion, no fighting, it’s time to dine

with a key in my hand I unlock the light

dripping wet metal and a heart full of divine.


This isn’t a love story

but just as well

my light keeps on burning

I’m going to Hell.

July 16 2013

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