Plan of Action

There’s a crack in the sky

Oh my! Oh my!

There’s a cloud passing by

Oh my! Oh my!

Buildings tumble down to the waterside

rapid waves drowning all inside.

Damning this earth with its

pieces of sky come by, come by,

breaking down the world

we sigh and sigh.

There’s nothing left of the ceiling

there’s no sky, no sky.

The stars begin to shatter dropping daggers

from up high.

The sea becomes the air, oh why! Oh why!

Stars become the arrows- run inside! Inside!

Whales passing by windowpanes afire as we

watch the cracks fly higher!

A snow globe we explode heading toward the sun

Deeper the water goes we exhale now this is fun!

The water rose, air composed, and now good and dead

we propose. A plan of action!

There’s a crack in the sky- oh my! Oh my!

My calendar reads July, goodbye, goodbye.


(June 25 2013)


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