Chapter 2

Returning to her counterpart everything seemed to fall into place, she was no longer reeling with adrenaline and felt safe being a nameless number among her own. Mira she ponder the name as she came to his side marveling at his newest creation a subtle twist on an ocean life form, a favored pass time of his. It’s wonderful, is it a type of… shark?

Yes I felt it only necessary to offer up a new species, they are such wonderful creatures. Where have you been? His words were plain and simple there was complete focus on his task as he generated a system of organs, a heart and breathed his own life force into the small orb.

I decided to take a small journey to… view a star… hoping it would give me an idea for something to offer up to Earth. Nervous of the answer she forced herself to look away, desperately attempting to think of something to toss down with his new being.

Its been a while for you, hasn’t it? Its no matter really there is plenty going on it seems, most of my new creations wont be found for generations. It only fills the future with new possibilities knowing the foundation of her worries he wished only to comfort. Knowing fully how disheartening a mental block could be, especially when there were few who ever truly stopped their molding of the universe. Why not take focus away from the Earth for a time, we often forget there is an entire universe, others would appreciate-

Are you trying to rid yourself of me? I am capable of creating for the Earth. It is why I am here and not in some other system. She was pouting and knew full well of it her large eyes dripped a bit of liquid another side effect of the humanoid form, she was not exactly hurting over his words, she was becoming worried again of Sal’s.

What has gotten into you? First you spend so much thought upon a form for no real reason and now… tears? I believe that’s what the drips are called, why are you so odd today? There’s no reason for this my counter all is well as it always is. Unleashing the newest addition to the sea a bit closer to the America’s he turned to her there was little in the form of comfort amongst them as hardly it was needed at all, but he had seen mankind act for ages as a cure-all for their aliments and took to placing a malformed hand upon the girl.

Its Sal. Unable to lie to her companion she shamed herself for her previous interaction ne came to me… ne  told me I was like nir ne named me. Mira. I’m uncertain of its origins but I assure you I am not of them, I lashed out at nir demanded recognition of my lack of title, but ne insisted I was like nir. I am afraid, ne is so erratic and self serving it is a pointless endeavor that ne has begun and I wish no part in it, but ne thinks I am already of it.

Immediately he understood, for all their existence from time to time an anomaly occurred such as Salmacis an individual who strayed from the traditional role of The Designer, turning to self glorification rather than universal design. Once not long ago to those who have lived an eternity Designer’s took the role of Gods and Goddess he knew the time all too well, once called Apollo he had reveled in the worship he received. Most left the endeavor behind bored of self idealization but Salmacis had kept the name and returned to her life holding on to individualism bother yourself with ne no more, you are not a name, a titled is only as good as its purpose which is why we call the Workers such and ourselves Designers there there is reason. Mira, we can look into it if you wish but I think a name is something ne used simply to confuse you for nir own benefit.  

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