Intelligent Design. Chapter 1: Mira

Have you ever just watched them?

Why? Have you spent time doing anything, but watching them? What else is there to do?

“Point taken.” the voice is oddly feminine like the bitter cold of a wave it broke through the unbearable silence.

“I’ve watched them since they were but tiny molecules, atoms even. I’ve never felt the need to watch much else. The cats maybe, house ones are incredibly interesting from time to time.” the voice is masculine holding fire and envy, a longing one should not know in his position.

“Yeah, but I mean really watched them, know them by name, or even… what do they call it? Race?”

“I think you mean ethnicity, a much more profound concept I feel.”

“Fine, that.” there was a sigh and a flicker in the her eyes her movements like rain as she step softly toward him. “Have you ever picked one out, or a group, and just watched.”

“No. I’ve never cared much for the psycho babble of individualism they admire themselves too highly I much prefer watching the affiliated fight it out against their opposition. My favorite are the ocean groups, you would think it’d be the desert tribes but I enjoy the island movements, so dependent and isolated and yet in many ways harmonious.”

“You favor them for their geographic locations, you’ve mentioned it before, when you traveled amongst them. I don’t think their game plans matter much.” the joke was left empty as a storm brewed over the Atlantic. “Tragedy, or a bit of fear?”

“Taking bets? I doubt another tragedy will be occurring any time soon, none of them seem to realize the peril they are in.” standing he takes a step to the edge of the mist and watches as the signs of death float about Africa “Right now, there’s genocide happening, it looks like a water color doesn’t it?”

“One of those child drawings, the dead mere drips from fingers?” her laugh filled the air as the mist dives down into the atmosphere “Its only when you get closer it looks a tad more tangible, not paint, more like…” searching for the word she trails off reaching out to the earth her hand like a shadow below “lego’s?”

“Ah yes, like toys, ticker blocks or what have you. They don’t know tragedy, not like the predecessors now the Greeks they knew tragedy. If I had to pick an ethnic group it would have been them, I watched them almost in earnest, shame how they ended.” his eyes the two orbs on either side of his unneeded nose fixed on the waters whirling like a hurricane as he remembered what seemed only moments passed. “They worshiped so wonderfully” he grinned and raised his arms pulling the duo back into the cosmos. “Do you watch them? Individually?”

Almost shocked she turned to him with a look of terror “yes, from time to time, there is one family I’ve come to enjoy.”

“Family? You take the time to look in on then?” indifferent he began forming something, an orb at first solid turning to ball of light, liquid and malleable.

“I watch them, it passes the time…” nothing more was said he spent his time watching his creation grow, pondering where he would send it,without question why. He left that to those down there in the trenches. And she bored and lost in thought decided to change her body the only thing created safe to mold in her eyes. The universe became still as her body came undone each tiny bit of existence shattering on itself creating an energy that could shatter a planet. She held it close and watched as her form dissolved. Such a simple thing her thoughts resonated within each atom causing the mass to tremble so much involved, so little actually being done, so simple.

He watched careful not to touch the matter which belonged to her his own piece of creation had been thrust into the ocean to which he did not pay attention all he wanted to see was what they would make of his creation. The particles of existence danced about as flesh formed a translucent purple, the universe captured in its wake, choosing again what they would call a feminine form she pieced herself together. Awed at the sheer creative force behind its engineering he gazed on, having decided on a pronoun she formed the inner workings of a humans nervous system her attention to detail admirable. Adding scales and protruding the spinal cord she gave herself an animalistic quality a bit unnecessary but fantastic to observe her eyes were quiet large violet and serene as with one last burst of primordial energy her being snapped into place. She was again, complete. Wonderful he smiled quite a grand gesture for one to do such detail, and not a bit wasted.

I can say little else but thank you, she returned the smile with frosted blue lips that seemed liquid only held together by a thin but permeable layer you honor me with such flattery. Unknowingly she teased him only hoping to sound grateful, it seemed unlikely that another would compliment her forming so.

A bit frivolous as it may be it required much creativity; do you think you may place a version down there?

Caught off guard she mirrored herself watching the image move, it would be quiet startling, to be honest I thought nothing more than of my own comfort, realizing the flippant nature of her words a blush rose to her cheeks; the tribulations of a humanoid form. It seemed an interesting… play on the previous form… trailing off she decided there was no more good she could do for herself.

Strange. Very Strange but than again what do I know? I’ve such an interest in my own creations he mused It’s an interesting talent you have. With that he returned to watching the oceans move waiting for the moment when his new creation would take life and reveal itself.

She on the other hand took to the cosmos ashamed of her selfish deed. The form she had chosen for herself was hers alone and unlike the others of her kind she stood out amongst the darkness. She had watched the human’s below practice such trivial behaviors and long ago she scoffed at them but recent decades played in her thoughts and she could not help but become lost in them. As she reached stars beyond the Earths reach she calmed herself it was not often she appeared the fool, a rare occurrence for anyone she thought. Difficult to find she dove into the star fire allowing her flesh to burn, it would not die, here she could feel the heat of life and creation knowing instead of being its master she was its kindle.

Of course even the eldest of beings sometimes forget the chemicals in which they infuse themselves and her essence brought color to the flames a color she was to accustom to to notice. The delightful display shown throughout the galaxy visible to the deft eyes of her cohort, luckily few were in attention to such an anomaly and she was allowed to burn in peace. The star comforted, brought an end to the thoughts which whipped wildly, and reminded her of a purpose older than time itself. Her thoughts became fire as all worry washed away, she thought not about the people she had grown so fond of, years of death and rebirth, she simply felt secure in the warmth of life’s grandest destruction. For eternity she could have remained never watching another world die, never thinking, creating, never existing in time or space again, but her rest was interrupted by the vision of pure vanity Mira, why on earth would someone like you make such a scene?

Mira… the thought seemed to burn in the fire. She wanted nothing to do with what lay outside the star. Of course what she desired was little concern to Salmacis and the fury in red robes lunged into the star pulling the remnants of Mira’s essence out into open space once more.

Do you think I can’t see you, darling little Mira, address me when spoken too. The thoughts flowed easily into her as the young being recreated her body, not bothering with the fur atop the head merely creating a fin like head dress to match the scales her skin seemed to hold. My God, you, you look quite magnificent! However did you come up with this?

I saw it while in the fire… again the thoughts seemed foolish and she immediately regretted sharing them with Salmacis, one of few known to create unnecessary forms for her own amusement, interest was peaked for ne and Mira knew without of a doubt she would regret the friendship developing.

How wonderful my dear! It’s a grand change to see someone with a sense of style, for themselves nonetheless! Aloud ne laughed but the sound was caught in the vacuum of space a common thing that only false atmosphere seemed to remedy but the act was an indulgence and ne took it as a human takes wine.

Mira, why are you calling me this? I’ve no title. I simply am.

Don’t give me that bullshit, we all deserve a name, why should those little puss shell’s have all the fun? Nir face turned into a pout an unlikely expression to be made out there in the universe, but ne was no ordinary being, that the newly named Mira was certain.

Why do you call me Mira? I am not of its origin and I have no need of it… she was becoming unsettled and uncertain of how to proceed things were always simpler with her counterpart, when they decided to address each other they used the gendered terms of man primarily the western labels as they found their language to be the most interesting to the world. She was she and he was he. It was simple and uncomplicated, when they became bored perhaps they would become it’s but still they communicated without trouble. Why then would the one named Salmacis -her own verbal demand on others- decide so coldly to cause more of a disturbance?

You’ve need for it. I see the need. You choose other defining characters, color, a typical gender even a favorite place amongst the Earth. You’ve no need for all of that either. “And yet…” Ne began as a bubble formed about them looking near crystal as atmosphere formed ne placed them upon a cloud for her comfort knowing one luxury observed that Mira had taken was that. “you persistently develop these things. I’ve seen you, Mira, watching them.” Smiling Ne continued to create, the space occupied seemed to grow ten-fold and the world around them became a comfortable sitting room. “The family, quite an odd obsession, don’t you think?”

I…”um… I’m certain I… don’t know what you are talking about, Sal.” Her voice cracks at the lie being far to unaccustomed to the concept but of course her companion catches the mistruth and becomes incredibly amused.

Laughing ne took to a drink in a tiny tea cup watching her face as ne sipped ever so delicately “that would be like me saying that I do not go down from time to time for a bit of fun, we all know I do, regardless of what we pretend. And you Ms. Mira are an identity if I have ever seen one. So, why the light show?”

“I didn’t mean for there to be a light show.”

“There was, a beautiful purple show, I thought something entertaining was happening and what do I find? A vision of you laid out within the star fire. I must admit I’ve only seen one other perform the right of death, a failed right of course. I never thought you’d be one to attempt oblivion, though.” nir eyes glimmered as ne watched her with wild eyes colored red.

“Oblivion!? No! That’s not… I’d never imagine!” she exclaimed the mere thought of immortal suicide bringing tears to her eyes “How can you even speak of such a thing! What happened then should never be spoken o-“

“I will stop you there. What happened that day should be talked about, Kale still remembers it, he still wishes it so do not begin preaching about the sanctity of silence. You of all people should understand, you’ve watched that little family suffer from the endless sorrow of their loss and yet pretend we can ignore the constant cries of our own. Don’t be foolish Mira I know you are not like the others.” The words felt like thunder and the pain returned unfamiliar unwelcome and disastrous. Why would anyone feel the need to talk about oblivion? The purest end to our being, essence, existence a fabled end to a life with out one for immortal is not even the correct term for what they were.

“What do you mean? Not like the others! We are all one, one mind, essence, on-“

“Cut the crap Mira! You know what I’m saying is true. You are not a grey formless shell, you are not just another mimic of the human race, you live and breathe the life into human kind and yet you want to lump yourself in with the rest of them? Don’t be so dull!” while ne spoke nir hands shook wildly, he had warned her about the increasing instability of Sal, many spoke of nir as a lower being like the Workers below but nir was not a Worker ne was much more than a creation by those ne seemed to loathe ever so much.

“Well what am I then? If not a Designer then what am I? I’ve been here with the others, with you, from the beginning of the Universe and you sit here telling me what? That I am not of them? What am I then, Salmacis?” She was beginning to feel rage. A feeling quite misunderstood by her, she felt sick with confusion, overwhelmed with adrenaline her hands began to tremble much like Sal’s.

“You are like me! A new breed of Designer, a God to the humans and workers below! You have thoughts of your own, desires and passions, you tried to burn them away –I saw it!- and yet here you sit a formation of visions in flames. You tell me I am wrong, and do not lie.” Ne felt the growing energy the matter surrounding her bending to the heat of her will.

“I am a separate being from the others, as the others are to those surrounding, we all have identities formed over millenniums. Do not place me in your graces! I am not a name, a label, a anything but a Designer!” she stood tense and at the ready desiring to physically engage Salmacis but no clear understanding of the reason.

“Continue telling yourself that my dearest, but you will see, when it all begins.” The room surrounding faded in a snap of reality a burst of energy glittered down into the cosmos and was gone. Salmacis had always been a mystery holding strong to radical ideals but whatever she meant by it all beginning Mira did not know and as thoughts whirled about she felt only right to return to her counterpart for grounding. There was no reason to think on what she had said ne was just one of those beings whose ego had gotten the better of them. I’m a Designer, we are now, and forever shall be. She repeated the words she knew he would tell her, knowing that their existence was everlasting. He who Sal titled Kale wished for oblivion for no one knows why but he survived as any of us would, he lives eternally without beginning or end as we all have. Words spoke shortly after his attempted end, the broken Kale stood nearest to Sal and all stood proud in the face of our eternity. All but Kale Mira thought picturing the lost appearance of his dreary and malformed eyes. All but Kale.

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