Bubblegum and candy sweet.

Where the story ends

the river bleeds and death is dead.

Triumph over mastery

and life it seems is but a dream.

Head of clouds and candy cotton

colored veins that seep neurotic

a deep forgotten overload,

a drink that burns the malleable.

Tangible regret that forms the other head

the girl, adorned, that trips on talents read.

In bedroom’s classic draped with mirror bends

and waves of cotton filling up her head

nothing last until its over

the beginning is the end.

Where death and life are but a dream

and we remain forever.

Streaming lies of who she is

a disk, a drip, a feathered whip

nothing is a quantity

and make-up plays lead role supreme

Wonder Woman pant suits clean.

Desperate for the taking plea

a girl with candy coated dreams

pills that make it easy to sleep

a red work blouse and mouse head gleam.

Where the story ends

the river trips and now its dead.

(April 1, 2013)

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