Another installment.

“I watch them, it passes the time…” nothing more was sad he spent histime watching his creation grow, pondering where he would send it,without question why. He left that to those down there in thetrenches. And she bored and lost in thought decided to change her body

the only thing created safe to mold in her eyes. The universe became
still as her body came undone each tiny bit of existence shattering on
itself creating an energy that could shatter a planet. She held it
close and watched as her form dissolved. Such a simple thing her
thoughts resonated within each atom causing the mass to tremble so
much involved, so little actually being done, so simple.

He watched careful not to touch the matter which belonged to her his
own piece of creation had been thrust into the ocean to which he did
not pay attention all he wanted to see was what they would make of his
creation. The particles of existence danced about as flesh formed a translucent purple, the universe captured in its wake, choosing again what they would call a feminine form she pieced herself together once again. Awed at the sheer creative force behind it engineering he gazed on, having decided on a pronoun she formed the inner workings of a humans nervous system her attention to detail admirable. Adding scales and protruding the spinal cord she gave herself an animalistic quality a bit unnecessary but fantastic to observe her eyes were quiet large violet and serene as with one last burst of primordial energy her being snapped into place. She was again, complete. Wonderful he smile quite a grand gesture for one to do such detail, and not a bit wasted.

I can say little else but thank you, she returned the smile with frosted blue lips that seemed liquid only held together by a thin but permeable layer you honor me with such flattery. Unknowingly she teased him only hoping to sound grateful, it seemed unlikely that another would compliment her forming so.

A bit frivolous as it may be it required much creativity; do you think you may place a version down there?

Caught off guard she mirrored herself watching the image move it would be quiet startling, to be honest I thought nothing more than my own comfort, realizing the flippant nature of her words a blush rose to her cheeks, the tribulations of a humanoid form. It seemed an interesting… play on the previous form… trailing off she decided there was no more good she could do for herself.

Strange. Very Strange but than again what do I know? I’ve such an interest in my own creations he mused its an interesting talent you have. With that he returned to watching the oceans move waiting for the moment when his new creation would take life and reveal itself.

She on the other hand took to the cosmos ashamed of her selfish deed. The form she had chosen for herself was hers alone and unlike the others of her kind she stood out amongst the darkness. She had watched the human’s below practice such trivial behaviors and long ago she scoffed at them but recent decades played in her thoughts and she could not help but become lost in them. As she reached stars beyond the Earths reach she calmed herself it was not often she appeared the fool, a rare occurrence for anyone she thought. Difficult to find she dove into the star fire allowing her flesh to burn, it would not die, her she could feel the heat of life and creation knowing instead of being its master she was its kindle.

Of course even the eldest of beings sometimes forget the chemicals in which they infuse themselves and her essence brought color to the flames a color she was too accustom too to notice. The delightful display shown throughout the galaxy visible to the deft eyes of her cohort, luckily few were in attention to such an anomaly and she was allowed to burn in peace. The star comforted, brought an end to the thoughts which whipped wildly, and reminded her of a purpose older than time itself.

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