chapter 01:

*** rough, very rough. Beginning second chapter of Children of Pandora Chronicles


Sitting there, their worlds stop, for a moment it is like no one else existed. You see, the players here aren’t these two fucked up kids, no their just pawns. Satine sits a beautiful promise to the world eating the battered remains of an onion ring she just picked apart “I gave it all” her smile is weak filled with sorrow and coated with crumbs. “I had been passed around by women, men, and everything in between. When Hector left I had two years in the system and my Romeo didn’t ask me to go with, he left me in hell to fend off the demons, but the promised remained” her eyes cloud as Conner watches trying to say something, smile, give something back as she tears open her heart, but the powers that be kept his lips tight. They cooed her forward as the beast ripped at its confines “She thought She had it all planned out. They always do, don’t they? Bitch didn’t see this coming, She hasn’t seen a lot coming. I found them I left the home and I found them in the pouring rain, all Oscar award winning and everything. It’s still standing. The Ritz, it tried so desperately to be chic, it ended up being a home for runaways.


Hector met me outside with a blanket, “Well kid, you’re early, but you made it.” He smiled wrapping me in warmth kissing me on the head and filling me with glee.

Other’s came out to meet me, all grins, hugs and various welcoming pleasantries  “Sister!”, “You’ve arrived!”, “Finally someone new!” to name a few. I was completely overwhelmed, but could hear Her voice like church bells whispering her congratulations I’d found home all on my own, or so she assumed. After being ushered in they brought me a hot cup of coffee and offered me an assortment of foods, everyone was impeccably gorgeous so beautiful I could barely stand to look at them. I felt an immediate shame. Even Hector who had always been beautiful to me looked even more unearthly, I’d learn later on that Her children see each other for what we are, the perfection is awe-striking.” She’s smiling now doing something she hasn’t done in a long while she closes her eyes and lets the power flow through her. Suddenly the junkie prostitute turns into Aphrodite and poor Conner sits dumbfounded witness to the birth of Venus. “And this isn’t even half of what I would see looking at another child of Hers” He gazes at the creature in pure longing for everything she is, but fear comes crawling like it aught to do and he recoils. “Scared?” her smirk is cold and dangerous, she is enjoying the control she now has, and his fear would at one time have been his down fall. “Thought you wanted to know everything, all the clues, remember?”

“What… What ar-“

“I’m Her child, Conner. I’m Pandora’s precious little girl.” She spits the words only to feel another release of energy the feel of pure ecstasy running over her skin begging her to return home. Sick lies I assure you.

“What the fuck does that mean?” The little man is terrified but still stuck to his seat. “Pandora? Like Pandora’s box? The myth?”

“Myth?” laughing the sound carrying intoxication “it’s all real. Everything you’ve been taught about mythology is a crock of shit, including that story.”

He’s shaking his head trying to push the sudden change in her appearance away, out of sight out of mind, he needs too otherwise he might believe her. Crazy bitch. “No, no, no I do-“

“You wanted to know the truth, remember? Well this is it. I’m it. Gods and Goddess’s are all too real, but the Greeks didn’t always get the story right, Pandora wasn’t some-“

“I can’t listen to this, it’s –it’s fucking crazy” he moves to stand as she watches him not the least surprised by her actions the only people who knew of her already knew the truth. As he exits the booth however he hears a soft whisper sit, child, sit and listen. Immediately he glares at Satine “What the fuck was that!?” shrugging she just stares with a queer smile upon her lips. “Who was that?” he’s whispering now but has caught the attention of the minimal staff, their praying they don’t have to stop another whore beating. “Was it her? Tell me!”

Taking another onion ring, now cold and unappealing she takes a bite “No.” she’s fighting the beast trying not to be overcome, her Mother was not taking chances this time, Satine opened the door. All focus was on her.


“Don’t ask me who, I wouldn’t know.” Gulping the steaming coffee she fights off Her hands, its not an easy feat, but she’s had practice. “I don’t know any other beside her touch, maybe you have a mother from above too” raising her hand to silence him she continues “I was under the impression that you wanted a story and if that’s true we should get back to it.” Their running out of time. He nods resigning himself to the cards dealt out for him “good. So like I said I got there and saw more than what you see and felt at home in the strange beauty.


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