Medicated kind of girl


And here I thought it was over

hard time in a basket

kept locked up and emphatic

like a bull in a china shop

they are waiting to let me have it.

Oh they put me in this little box

they are telling me it wont ever stop

medicate my brain again

and I wont fuse with deeper sin.

They put me right where I belong

and watch the fun as I come undone.

Prescribe some more fucking medicine

to brace this crazy bitch within.

And here I thought they made it better

healthier with all this labor

cluttered boxes of prescription drugs

they fit me like a silken glove.

Oh they trapped me in a womb

told me theyโ€™d let me out soon

took away my ovaries

and told me I should never breed.

And here I thought I was back

they locked me up and shocked me bad

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