Fools and Wise men (excerpt chapter 1)

*** See I said I would do this! The rest will be posted under The Blood Legacy once editing is complete. Thanks for reading!


Chapter 1: Reality

I recall sitting, cold, frozen in my caretakers home. She was an old woman; gray hair, plastic complexion, honey glazed eyes. She almost looked like a clay statue melting under the heavy rain. Pictures on the wall told a much different story, she was once quite beautiful, stunning even. As she paced before me, she examined every inch of flesh scanning me like a blind mans finger tips, groping me inch by inch she was no beauty queen. Her gaze entering my bones drinking the marrow. Within her vacant eyes she molested my soul leaving me empty. This ordeal seemed to last forever, a moment would pass which set me free, then with one shift of comfort I was once again imprisoned by her vile stare. Devoured.

In the midst of my ingestion her voice shot through the silence, through me like a burning needle to the eye. “You will be attending an academy. I can no longer keep you in my home. Go pack your things you leave tonight.” before I could stand she was gone, leaving to linger the threat of something much worse. The dark hold she had over me remained with much vigor and I let myself be drowned in it as I thought about the possibilities. Her voice had been smooth and cold as though she was singing, it always was, but there was no fire, no passion that allowed one to hear the music. There was a void within her song that left one empty and held in their position she drained the soul of its hope.

Standing suddenly while all around me things objected without the ability to move, they simply glared down upon me. The air was heavy in that house sluggish; things always seemed to follow me. Everything I did seemed to be recorded in the slow memory of those walls. To say the least I was glad to be leaving.

With nothing much to call my own I fit everything in one suit case and adorned myself with the only luxury I possessed, a silver locket that I coveted with grand enthusiasm. For my caretaker objected to those of my age and class to have any so called luxuries such as this. As a lady she had many, and though indeed she was considered a lady the term was applied only by those outside this house, to me, who knew her all to well, thought her common, her soul’s purpose was to grieve. Now at this moment I feel love for her, truths abound by her, and I wish then I could have seen her for all she was. But that is now, then, then I felt only her stagnation. Nothing could be done.

That night she loaded me into a car with a small bag that I was not to open until I reached the school; she did not part-take in goodbyes and left soon after handing me off to the driver. The car ride was silent leaving me to think about the time it would take to reach the Academy. I was happy to say the least, ecstatic to say the rest. Free from the cold, slow moving house, from the frozen voice of my caretaker the suffocating smog was lifting. The drive was smooth and my nerves calm with the taste of freedom.

Don’t forget me the words slipped by a whisper in my empty head shocking me from my calm with a start. Nevertheless, for the life of me I couldn’t place it -it had to be the driver- I knew it was the driver, it had to be didn‘t it? There was no other in the car except him and I, it was him. Even so I made no question of the shrill words, I remained silent. As the words repeated their ghostly melody I kept my lips tight, it had been the driver I told myself over and over again, fixated my gaze out the window until we reached the train station. There I ended my silence only to say my goodbyes.

The station like the house was filled with suffocating smog, an omen of things to come? As I entered the platform noise overtook me, there was too much going on and for a moment I thought for no reason at all that I had missed my train. A slight panic grabbed me then, it held me frozen, the chains of my captivity returning with brute force. Would I be sent back? My hand began to tremble as I felt someone approach me from behind, “you would need to be on that train, yes?” a man asked, as he placed his soothing hand upon my shoulder. The thoughts had come far too fast, only emphasizing my distress I stared dumb and mute.

He was a young man awkward looking, but handsome. It appeared as though he had just recently hit a growth spurt towering aimlessly over me like a limp tree with soft eyes and a nervous lip. I managed a simple yes and the man nodded taking me by the shoulder, leading me to the train. I felt like a child, he gave me no say in where I was going, but took me passed all compartments until we reached one at a safe distant from open doors “You get the only empty one left in this cart.” he smiled as if he knew all along who I was and where I wanted to be. When the compartment doors closed behind him I went suddenly numb, panic or something stripping me of will. For the first time in all my life the suffocating air was gone, but I couldn’t breathe. It was a strange feeling to know I had my freedom; I was left alone with myself. I held onto the edge of my seat as if anchoring myself to the train, I was breathing heavily trying desperately to drink the air. Frozen in place, a statue of distress, and there was nothing to comfort nor sooth the rigid body. All I did was futile, forced to fail from the beginning.

By the time I was able to move the day had risen I’d missed breakfast and was forced to rummage through the small amount of food I had stolen from the house. I remember with pleasure taking out a little red bag of chocolates, the kind she kept hidden from me, but that I saw her eat from afar. They came in velvet bags which held a dozen or so foiled coins and smelled sweet and inviting through it. I had taken three bags to spite the years she had tortured me with them. I picked one chocolate from the first bag, it was dressed in maroon foil and decorated delicately with leafs, I salivated as I placed the first bite on my tongue. I was overwhelmed by the powerful satisfaction I got from the tiny coin of milk chocolate. I would come to remember this moment throughout my days at school as the moment I first felt something, anything at all. My sense of taste was overwhelmed and I recalled all the meals I had prior to this, tasteless things. My body trembled as I ate and the world became just a bit more colorful.

When all was done and my hunger filled I laid back and watched the world from the window, everything seemed new, even the air tasted different as I breathed. I had no explanation for what was going on, for how I felt, or why but I enjoyed each second. Then without warning two girls came knocking at the door each was in the uniform to the school I was headed, eyes searching with anticipation and glee. I waved them into the compartment trying to etch a smile unsure if one already had its place on my lips. I didn’t feel like talking, but they took the freedom of choice away. I was glad to have some of my new freedom invaded upon it was far too much for me.


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