Hello, hello, hello…

I’ve been a bit stuck in the realm of nothing coming from a pen or from the tips of my fingers.

Minus the new outburst of poetry, building and projecting itself from my mind, there has been little to no work done.

I decided to start here because I am having such an easy time posting to my other blog Hand.In.Both.Boxes  and thought what a lovely idea! To start a blog with all my current projects available and the whole-wide-internet to be subject to them, depending on usage of said whole-wide-internet.

It is my hope that having them all in a place where access is an ease, and the public are able to view them, I might actually make a bit of progress.

And, so, here it is, my mind unraveled for your enjoyment.

The pleasure I assure you is all mine.


Tell me what you think...

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